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The Cookies Worth $ 25,000


Sometimes things are more valuable than you realize.

Not in the sense of ‘Antique Road Show’ where you find out that Grandma’s old lamp in your attic is worth $ 100,000. (Although that would be exciting.)

I mean the little things that can make a big difference.

There was a business owner who was trying to win a contract.

It was a fairly complex contract. Lots of pages. Lots of fine print.

He knew it was going to take a fair amount of time for them to go through the proposal and to compare his against his competitors.

Rather than just e-mailing the proposal, he had it sent in hard copy along with a box of cookies and a hand-written note suggesting that they enjoy the cookies while they perused the proposal.

He WON the contract worth $ 25,000…for the price of a box of $ 30 cookies.

Of course, he submitted a fair proposal. Not the lowest price though.

His new customer indicated that he won because it was obvious that he CARED. The hand-written note. The understanding that ploughing through the proposals would be time consuming.

The little extras turned a $ 30 investment into a $ 25,000 contract. We think that’s a pretty good ROI.

At Elizabeth’s Moments of Joy, we’ll take care of the hand-written notes and your marketing materials to present you in the best possible light. Contact one of our Joy Ambassadors today. 855-588-8152. 

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