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Adding Love


When I was growing up, we said Grace before every meal. I never really thought much about it. In retrospect, I think saying Grace was the act of adding the blessing of love to food.

Once the three kids were teenagers, we rarely ate dinner together and saying Grace became a thing of the past.

I’ve never been particularly religious. I am, however, kind of a nerd.

I have been fascinated to watch how the Sciences, like Quantum Physics, have been bringing us closer to connecting Science with Spirituality.

So, what does that have to do with Grace and the Blessing of Love in Food?

I’m glad you asked.

There is a Scientist named Dr. Emoto. He conducted studies on the effects of thoughts and feelings on the formation of crystals of water.

His work has shown that thoughts of love have a major impact on the beauty of the the crystals.

If you add Dr. Emoto’s work to recent studies in Quantum Physics that demonstrate that the thoughts and expectations of the experimenter have an impact on the outcome of experiments, then I believe you can surmise that food made by hand, with love, would certainly be better for you than food made by machines with no thought at all.

Food that you “Bless” with saying Grace, whether you are religious or not, will have a more positive effect on your body than food that is not “Blessed” with love and gratitude.

Perhaps the REAL benefit of Organic, Natural and Artisan foods is not just that they are grown or produced without chemicals, but that the people growing and producing the foods love and care about what they are producing.

That is their “Grace”.

Foods made by hand with love and pride are actually better for you because contained within them are those beautiful hidden crystals that Dr. Emoto captured; even the sweet treats we occasionally indulge in.

“Blessing” your food with appreciation and love has certainly got to have a more positive effect on our bodies then the food we “shovel” down (often while standing up) without any thought at all.

Dr. Emoto experiment Link:


Quantum Physics link:

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