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An 80 MPH "Aha!"


I had to move over a lane three times as I was driving down the freeway on my way to my next stop. There were three other cars that whizzed by me as though I was standing still.

I glanced down at my speedometer. I was doing 80 MPH. Seriously. 80 MPH.

I will confess that I have always been a fast driver. I share that trait with my sister (she at least drives a Porsche).

I’m sure many would say that driving 80 is completely reckless in itself. I don’t weave in and out of traffic or cut people off. I actually have an excellent driving record (even if it is undeserved).

I smiled to myself as I moved out of the way for the third time, wondering where on earth these people were headed that could have warranted them driving 90 or 100 MPH (seriously, they BLEW past me).

Then, I noticed the sky. It was one of those intermittently stormy days where the clouds come through in massive waves.

The sky is often one of the most remarkable things about the desert. When we get storms, they can come in the form of huge billowing thunderheads that look as ominous as they can actually be.

On a day like that day, they are also a spectacle with a play of light where the darkness of the looming storm in the bottom of the clouds is offset by the sun lighting up the tops of the clouds with beams of sunlight making their way through the bottom as though the heavens are trying to remind us of their presence.

I moved over an extra lane the third time and slowed down to admire the view that I suddenly realized I had. I smiled again, wondering why I was in such a rush, questioning how many times I had missed seeing such a spectacular beauty on my way to nowhere particularly important.

A calm washed over me in my sense of appreciation of the beauty before me.

It felt wonderful!

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