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It's over 100 Degrees - Let's Celebrate!


Arizona summers are a drain. I hate the two phrases that people say the most:

“Yeah, but it’s a dry heat” (To which I replay, “Yeah, so is a Convection Oven”.) and

“I visited one summer and it wasn’t that bad”

Yes, 3-7 days is not too bad.

Try visiting the last week of September when everyone is cranky because we’re now over 100 days into over 100 degree temps every day. And the “lows” are in the 80’s and 90’s at night.

Our Summer is everyone else's winter. Cabin fever sets in. You’re tired of sweating and you just can’t remove enough clothing to be comfortable.

So, then why was my team watching the Billboard right outside our facility that flashed the temperature all day long, waiting with anticipation for the first time the sign read 100? And then again the first time the sign read 110? And (god forbid) when it read 115?

We turned it into a reason to celebrate!

We used it as an “excuse” to do a Sam’s Club run and go get everyone Ice Cream cones and bars and take an extra long break to sit and enjoy Ice Cream. Not that you really NEED an “excuse” to enjoy Ice Cream.

When you can take something that everyone dreads and somehow turn it into a small celebration, somehow everyone wins!

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