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Tears of Joy


She didn't win the contest last week. We randomly picked a name from all the entries and hers was not it.

There was something about the way she nominated her father that touched our hearts. We decided there needed to be 2 winners and sent her Dad a package as well.

His life changed about a year ago when he was diagnosed with Parkinsons. She was clearly proud of how he has has handled the diagnosis with such grace.

Apparently, he used to do his own baking but his disease has robbed him of that Joy.

Before the package was shipped, I included a hand-written note to let this man know that his daughter clearly thought of him as one of her heroes and that even though she didn't win the contest, she clearly was a winner to have him as a Dad.

Two days after we shipped her package, he called me. First, he wanted to say how wonderful everything was, but by the end of the call, he was in tears...I was in tears. It wasn't really the items in the box that brought on the tears.

It was the LOVE contained in the box. It was the gesture.

I know that he must have known that his daughter loved him already. Somehow, receiving the gift made her love fully present in her physical absence and it moved him to tears.

I am grateful that we ship out more than Twisted Scones, Whoopie Pies and other goodies.

We get to ship LOVE in a box.

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