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The Importance of - Ground Hogs Day? or Flag Day? Or....


Women will tell you that the flowers a man buys after an argument are not appreciated nearly as much as the flowers he brings, “Just Because” (especially if the argument is about how her never brings her flowers anymore).

There are many gifts I have been given over the years for Holidays and Birthdays. Honestly, the gifts that really stand out in my mind- the ones that brought me to tears- are the ones that I was given “Just Because”.

It’s one thing to be on someone’s “List” for Holidays. It’s something altogether different-and altogether distinctive when you receive a gift or card “Just Because” someone happened to think about you out of the blue.

Often, those gifts came at a moment I wasn’t feeling particularly appreciated.

To have someone send you something when you least expect it, really shows how much you mean to them.

From a business perspective, the same can be true. In the Corporate world, when my companies would send gifts out at Christmas time, we would often need to ASK our customers, “Did you receive our gift?”.

It tended to get lost in the sea of other gifts they had received.

It’s not that the gift wasn’t appreciated. It was just hard for the recipients to personally acknowledge every gift when there was a deluge of them.

One year, we decided to be distinctive. We sent out cards at Christmas time to acknowledge the Holiday, but we decided to send our GIFTS on…Ground Hog’s Day!

We came up with a cute saying and had Ground Hog’s Day cards printed. Since we overhauled aircraft engines that were transported in wooden crates, we worked with a local company to get small replicas of the crates made.

My Sales Director asked me if I would make cookies to fill the crates for both companies that I ran. (This is part of what forced me to figure out how to scale my recipes.) We excitedly filled those crates and sent them off to our customers.

We picked Ground Hogs Day, but we could have picked Flag Day - or made up a “Holiday” Day. Anything to be unique.

We received calls from every one of the customers who received them. We stood out from the crowd on multiple levels.

In business, isn’t that what we all want: to be memorable and distinctive?

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