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The Problem with Logic


I tend to be a thinker.

If you ask me what I am FEELING, the first words that will probably come out of my mouth will be: “I think I’m feeling…”. Sometimes, I can’t tell you what I’m feeling.

I’ll have a “bad” feeling sometimes but I’m not sure if it’s sadness, fear, anger or frustration. Maybe, it doesn’t matter exactly what I’m feeling. All that matters is it doesn’t feel good.

How many times do we find ourselves looking at a situation that doesn’t feel “good” and then we let “logic” overtake us?

We start talking ourselves out of the bad feeling instead of listening to it as a sign that something is wrong?

I dated a guy who cheated on me. I felt it. I had a bad feeling when he was deceiving me.

When I brought it up to him, he convinced me my feeling was wrong. I let my logic kick in and accepted his “reasons” for why something didn’t “feel” right.

Of course he was cheating. I spent many more months investing in a relationship that wasn’t worth it…because I let my logic over-ride my feelings.

It can work the other way too.

Did you ever have one of those amazing “Pet Rock” kind of ideas? An idea for some kind of Gismo or Gadget that you just KNOW would change Mankind?

You just FEEL it. It’s a flash of inexplicable inspiration.

Then, logic kicks in. Logic tells you the 410 reasons why a “Pet Rock” idea will never work. It will tell you how ridiculous the idea is. It will point out all the risk.

Six months later, some schmuck who you know is not nearly as smart as you “steals” your “Pet Rock Idea” and makes a fortune.

Logic often causes us to argue for our limitations and then we get upset that we feel limited. Logic overrides our gut feelings when something isn’t right and then we get hurt. And whether we limit ourselves or get hurt, we end up feeling victimized.

I’m not advocating that we entirely throw logic out the window. Our logic can help us to minimize risk. It can keep us from betting the entire house on our “Pet Rock”. It can help us be resourceful.

Logic just needs to be kept “in check” or it can rob us from living our most full life.

I am learning to catch my Logic. I’m more sensitive to knowing when I’m busy trying to talk myself into-or out of- something.

Now, I see it as the red flag it is so I don’t ever have to feel like a victim anymore.

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