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The Unexpected Super Hero


She was having a really bad day. When you run your own business or a Non Profit Foundation, time is money. So, when people waste your time by blowing off a meeting that you set well in advance, it’s really hard not to take it personally.

Twice in one day stings even more.

The Phoenix Metro Area does not have subways or trains to hop to easily get from one side of town to another. Getting from the East Valley to the West Valley can be an hour plus drive - without traffic.

That day, there was tons of traffic.

Her office was far to the North, so trying to to get back to the office to be productive before she had to head to her next meeting was not a good option. This just added to her level of frustration.

She was trying not to let her anger bubble up to the surface. She was trying not to feel like a victim or let her sense of frustration get the better of her.

Usually, the radio would be enough of a distraction, but not that day. There had been too much riding on those meetings to be able to just “let it go”.

She had even been planning to Spread Joy at those meetings. She had two loose Whoopie Pies and two of Elizabeth’s Moments of Joy’s Mission: Spread Joy 4-packs in her truck.

She wasn’t feeling particularly joyful.

Then, as she started to approach a Red light to make her turn back onto the freeway, she saw a homeless man.

She rolled down her window and grabbed one of the loose Whoopie Pies wrapped in a bow with the message she had filled out for the intended recipient. It read, “You would make an amazing Super Hero”.

She reached out her window and handed it to the man. He opened the card and stared at the bow and began to cry through a smile.

At that moment, she wanted to jump out of the truck and hug the man but the light had turned green and the long line of traffic behind her didn’t look very forgiving.

She began to cry as she drove away. Suddenly, the day had a completely new perspective. She felt the rush of gratitude from this man and it quickly swept her to a completely different mindset.

She forgot her anger and frustration in an instant and suddenly felt empowered by that Act of Kindness and the reaction it elicited. She thought SHE was going to be the Selfless Super Hero by giving the man that Whoopie Pie.

Instead, she sent a loving thought to the man as she left him in her rearview mirror, “YOU are MY Super Hero”.

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